Benefits of Wearing Custom Nightguards

wearing nightguard

If you find it hard to sleep at night, you might not immediately think of your teeth as the possible culprit. But did you know that tension in your jaw can lead to problems that go beyond chipping your teeth?

You see when you are stressed, or for other reasons, you could grind your teeth at night while you sleep. This is what’s known as bruxism, which is not only damaging to your teeth but could cause jaw tension that could, later on, lead to headaches, too.

Wearing night guards is a great way to prevent damage caused by teeth grinding. If you want to know about the benefits of night guards before you invest in them, continue reading as your reliable dentist in Brisbane shares the top benefits that night guards can offer you:

They Prevent Damage to Your Teeth

The main reason patients are recommended to wear night guards is to prevent damage to their teeth. The fact that you grind your teeth at night can easily lead to cracks in your teeth and other dental problems that you’d have to deal with later on.

With night guards, you can prevent such dental problems from arising. They act as a barrier, so your teeth are less likely to crack, and you won’t have to deal with other problems caused by teeth grinding. As a result, you can enjoy natural teeth and keep the costs of dental treatments to a minimum.

They Help Reduce Jaw Tension

Aside from your teeth, damage to your jawbone is a common side effect of grinding your teeth at night. This is not only a problem for you but also for your neck and other body parts.

That’s why it’s so important to wear a night guard when you are sleeping; otherwise, you’re putting yourself at risk of experiencing pain and other problems, especially if your teeth grinding habit is affecting your jawbone.

They Help Prevent Headaches

If you have been contracting headaches too often, you may be grinding your teeth at night. This is also a common source of tension headaches. Wearing night guards can solve this problem by preventing you from grinding your teeth while asleep.

They Can Keep The Tongue and Teeth in Place

As we age, our teeth and tongue tend to move and misalign. The use of night guards can help keep all of your teeth and tongue in place.

They Can Improve Sleep Pattern and Quality of Sleep

When you grind your teeth at night, you will also experience a lack of sleep. The discomfort caused by teeth grinding can also lead to awakenings during the night, which will result in a lack of sleep quality. The use of night guards can help you improve both your sleep pattern and your overall quality of sleep.

They Can Help Stop Snoring

Last but not least, nightguards can also help you stop snoring! A lot of people who grind their teeth at night are also known to snore. This is because the jaw is kept in a nearly locked position when you grind your teeth. This position can easily lead to snoring.


You now know that wearing nightguards can offer you many benefits that you might not have known about. That’s why, if you have been experiencing a lot of dental problems, you should consider wearing a nightguard. It’s the best way to prevent further damage to your teeth and, more importantly, your teeth.

If you want to learn more about dental guards, contact your friendly and reliable dentist in Brisbane.

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