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You may feel your highly sensitive ninja skills make you totally invincible and unstoppable. Despite your prowess, we recommend that if you play any contact sports, whether you are young or old, a mouthguard is an inexpensive solution compared to the costs and pain of having to restore broken or fractured teeth.

The investment into custom fitted mouthguard provides significantly better comfort and superior protection for your teeth, jaw and mouth versus an over the counter mouthguards or ones from sports stores. 

We get very excited about dentistry and about our general and sports mouthguard productions. We take pride in carefully designing custom fitted mouthguards that fit correctly to ensure your safety during high impact contact sports.

We guarantee that our mouthguards will be durable and easy to clean, comfortable, fit well and not restrict speech or breathing.

Our custom sports mouthguards are made from scratch at our dental studio. When you come in we will take an impression of your teeth and when we are finished you will come in again to pick up your mouthguard and assess the fit.

Personalise your mouthguard


Since our mouthguards are custom made, you have the option of designing your mouthguard to suit your personality any style. Mouthguard personalisation options available include:

  • colours and colour combinations
  • adding logos,
  • adding text,
  • adding images,
  • and various other embellishments. 

Give us a call or drop in for a face-to-face visit at our dental studio talk with us about building your perfect custom made mouthguard and select from various custom mouthguard personalisation options!

Custom mouthguard examples

We love seeing happy smiles & protected teeth

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the work we do with individuals and local community sports organisations across Brisbane and Logan areas.

Mouthguard Fitting Session Videos

Stretton Boxing Part 1

Stretton Boxing Mouthguard Video Thumbnail 1
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Stretton Boxing Part 2

Stretton Boxing Mouthguard Video Thumbnail 2
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1 On 1 Barbers

1-on1 Barber Mouthguard Video Thumbnail 1
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World Gym Southside

Brisbane Broncos

Brisbane Broncos Players - Gehamat Shibasaki and Haydyn O'hara

Gehamat Shibasaki and Haydyn O'hara


Deadpool Mouthguard
Mouthguard Showcase 1

Get your team, organisation or yourself protected today!


Stretton Boxing Club

Brisbane Broncos

1 On 1 Babershop

Whether you’re an individual, local sporting club or organisation, feel free to get in touch about getting custom fitted mouthguards for your whole team.  Sports mouthguards will ensure your players are protected from any potential mouth injuries, especially important for all types of contact sport like boxing, martial arts, football, basketball, soccer and more. 

We’ll step you through the process of building your perfect custom sports mouthguard and the various personalisation options!  While we’re are located in Springwood, but we service clients all over Brisbane and Logan. 


Common questions about mouthguards

Custom made sports mouthguards prepared by an appropriately qualified healthcare practitioner can reduce the risk of dental and oral injuries.

The most common cause of dental injuries are from sports, leisure and recreation activities. Dental injuries can be avoided by using a mouthguard fitted to you mouth and teeth. Injuries can be painful disfiguring and expensive to treat.

A custom made sports mouthguard should be work every time you play or train to protect you against the risk of dental injuries. Contact us for more information.

Choosing the right mouthguard is simple. there are a few tips when looking for the perfect and most protective mouthguard. It should be comfortable, yet tight-fitting. It should allow normal breathing, speech and swallowing. The mouthguard should not cause gagging, be odourless and tasteless.

Lastly, it should be thick enough (4mm) to provide protection against impact. If you are involved in a sport or activity where there is risk of an injury to the face, you should protect your teeth with a properly fitted custom mouthguard.

Custom made mouthguards are individually designed and made in our dental laboratory.

Firstly, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. The mouthguard is then moulded over the model using a special material.

At the same time, we insert your custom graphics and images. This is then covered by another thin layer the special material. We then trim the mouthguard, ensuring that it is the perfect shape and size for your mouth.

Our mouthguards provide comfort and the best protection. Once we have completed your mouthguard another appointment is scheduled to check the fit and then the bite is created.

Depending on the request and whether we need to order new materials for your design, it usually takes us between 1-2 weeks.

Our custom made mouthguards are made of professional dental thermoplastic material and are based on the detailed mould taken of your mouth and teeth.

Please email all your desired images and graphics to our email [email protected]

Properly caring for your custom made mouthguard can increase longevity of the product and ensure protection before each use. Here are some tips from us to you:

  • After each use of your mouthguard, rinse in soap and warm (not hot) water. Then allow to air-dry.

  • From time to time disinfect the mouthguard with a mouthwash.

  • Keep the mouthguard in the provided case when not in use, as it has ventilation.

  • Do not leave the mouthguard in direct sunlight, in a closed car or in the car’s glove box. Heat can damage it.

  • Ask your dentist to inspect your mouthguard at every dental check-up.

  • If the mouthguard is damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

  • Replace a child’s mouthguard every 12 to 18 months, even if it appears to be in good condition. Growth and new teeth can alter the fit.

  • An adults mouthguard should be replaced every several years or after dental treatment.

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