Whether you're wanting to get rid of stains or just want to look your best, our in-house teeth whitening will get you amazing results fast!

Enamel’s in-house Teeth Whitening service is an effective and fast way to turn your stained teeth into pearly whites that you would be proud to show off.  They will help you maintaining that glowing white smile, even if your addiction is coffee, smoke, coke (the legal one, of course) or even none of the above. All we can say is you’ll be amazed at the results.

You will smile with confidence and have peace of mind knowing that our whitening gels are 100% safe, pain free, throughly tested and approved for use in Australia.  

The secret is in our specially formulated whitening gel that contains a form of hydrogen peroxide that dissolves the organic stains in the tooth and includes a custom made tray.

Experience the “whitening effect” where people will be reaching for their shades every time you walk in the room and smile.

Note that additional appointments may be required to achieve your desired whitening result/shade and the current condition of your teeth. 

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Your teeth can become discoloured by stains on the surface or due to changes inside the tooth. There are three main types of tooth dis-colouration:

Extrinsic — This occurs when the outer layer of the tooth (the enamel) is stained. Coffee, wine, cola or other drinks or foods can stain teeth. Smoking also causes extrinsic stains.

Intrinsic — This is when the inner structure of the tooth (the dentin) darkens or gets a yellow tint. You can get this type of dis-colouration if:

  • Your mother used tetracycline antibiotics during the second half of pregnancy.
  • You used tetracycline antibiotics when you were 8 years old or younger.
  • You had trauma that affected a tooth when you were a young child. A fall, for example, may damage the developing permanent tooth.
  • You had trauma in a permanent tooth, and internal bleeding discoloured the tooth.

Age-related — This is a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Dentin naturally yellows over time. The enamel that covers the teeth gets thinner with age, which allows the dentin to show through.

Source: https://www.colgate.com/en-us/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening/tooth-discoloration

No. Whitening treatments do not work on porcelain or most bonding materials, making it effectively impossible to whiten veneers, dentures, crowns, or implants once they are in your mouth. 

Results depend on how often whitening is done. In chair whitening can yield great results within 2 hours. 

The take home kit, which gives you full control when used for a minimum of 1 hour a day can often see results in a few days. The more often whitening is done, the more results are noticed.

Low concentration of peroxide is not harmful, whitening can be done for up to a couple of hours a day.

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment, our treatment kits include 4 gel syringes which contain no more than 6% hydrogen peroxide (which is the ingredient of the whitening gel). Higher strength products may only be used by a registered dental professional in a dental clinic as they carry a risk of chemical burns.

Note that some patients, such as those with intrinsic staining or especially sensitive teeth, are not considered good candidates for teeth whitening. However, there are several alternatives to teeth whitening which can achieve similar results for a bright and dazzling smile.

Your dentist will evaluate your dental health and discuss your treatment goals in order to recommend the right procedure for your needs.

Some alternatives include porcelain veneers, dental bonding, tooth-coloured fillings, etc.

Overuse of whitening treatments can cause sensitivity to teeth and gum tissue. However the effects are only temporary. We can counteract this by using desensitising toothpastes.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not permanent. The length of your results will depend on your unique case, but typically teeth whitening can last anywhere from a few months to 3 years.

There are many factors that can affect your results, such as the type of staining, the thickness of enamel on your teeth, drinking coloured drinks like coffee, red wine or sodas and smoking.

You can also maintain your newly brighter smile by drinking plenty of water, practicing good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day and by coming in for your bi-annual teeth cleanings.

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