Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Dental Visits

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Are you a parent wondering when your child should visit the dentist? You are not alone with this query. Most parents are still unsure when to take action about their child’s dental care. It’s time that we address your uncertainty. 

Below, we will talk about everything you must know about your child’s dental visits so that you can give them the proper dental care to help manage their oral health. 

Let’s get to it!

At What Age Should Your Child Go to the Dentist?

Most parents think that a dental visit is unnecessary if their child doesn’t have teeth yet or only has baby teeth because they will eventually fall out. However, this notion is false because dentists recommend that parents take their children to see them between twelve and twenty-four months or when their teeth appear. 

Even if their baby teeth will eventually fall out, it’s still crucial to visit the dentist because that little tooth is vital for growing healthy adult teeth. Plus, your baby will feel more comfortable during the tooth growing process.

How Many Times Should Your Child Visit the Dentist? 

Kids should have a regular dental visit every six to twelve months. As you know, they love to eat all the time, and they don’t care if what they chew on will damage their teeth. As their parent, you must ensure that your child’s teeth will remain healthy and strong. 

If you have them visit their dentist regularly, you can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, or other serious dental problems in your child. During their regular dental visits, their appointment may include a scale and clean, wherein the dentist will remove plaque and tartar build-up that a toothbrush can’t remove. 

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Child’s Teeth Cleaned? 

It’s ideal to have your child’s teeth cleaned when most of their baby teeth have already shown up. That usually happens around toddler years where your child is between the ages of twelve and thirty-six months. So, between these months, you should book your child’s dental cleaning appointment.

What Should You Expect at Your Child’s Dental Appointment?

Most parents are more scared than their child when visiting the dentist. But, don’t worry because your child is in safe hands. When you go to a dental clinic, you can talk to your child’s dentist about any concerns you have. They will also ask you about your child’s personality so that they can make the experience positive for you and your child. 

Once your kid is in the patient’s chair, the dentist will make them comfortable and at ease by making them watch their favourite cartoon or shows so they wouldn’t be afraid. The dentist will check and ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and will remain that way. 


As a parent, you should strive to take care of your child’s teeth so that they can grow healthy in the future. That way, they’ll be more comfortable and confident with their teeth, which can improve their life. As much as possible, introduce them to the dentist at an early age to ensure your child can have the proper dental care they deserve. 

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