Mouthguards: What Are They and What Makes Them Important?

Mouthguards - What makes them important?

A mouthguard is a dental device made from soft plastic or laminate commonly used in sports to protect the mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, and jaw. With the help of a mouthguard, people can be safe from broken teeth, fractured crowns, injured cheeks and lips, fractured jaws, and more in the event of a strong impact. 

Adults and children alike can benefit from using a mouthguard. Even non-contact athletes should wear something to protect their mouths.

What Kind of Mouthguard Is Best for You?

From a dental standpoint, the best ones you can get are custom mouthguards in Brisbane. However, for those who constantly lose their mouthguards, this option might be costly in the long run. If your child needs one, mouthguards usually last one to two years for children before it needs to be remoulded to accommodate the changes in their mouths.

Many sports stores sell boil-and-bite mouthguards, which could be a better choice compared to other standard store-bought mouthpieces. As the name suggests, they are placed in boiling water to make it soft then inserted into the mouth to get the mould and proper fit. Boil-and-bite mouthguards usually last from two to three sports seasons before the plastic degrades thoroughly.

The most affordable type of mouthguard is standard or stock. These are pre-formed devices that you can wear out of the box. However, due to the poor quality, these mouthguards usually don’t fit the user well. They also tend to be bulky and make it difficult for the user to talk or breathe properly.

Can You Wear Mouthguards Even If You Have Braces?

Some might be wondering if it’s possible to wear mouthguards even when they have braces. Actually, wearing a mouthguard is extremely important for people with braces since they need to protect their teeth and bridgework. Any impact on the jaw and mouth could potentially damage any fixed orthodontic devices, so you will need protection. Mouthguards can also be a barrier between the inside of your mouth and the wiring of the braces.

Athletes who wear braces and get hit on the face will most likely need expensive dental treatments post-incident to fix the damage incurred by the teeth and the braces. Fortunately, if they wear custom mouthguards, they can significantly lower those risks. 

If you recently transitioned to a retainer or any other removable device, make sure that you remove it before participating in any sport.

When Should You Replace Your Mouthguard?

The best dentist in Brisbane and Logan can determine when it’s time to replace your mouthguard. But if your mouthguard is showing signs of damage or has become ill-fitting, then it is best to have it replaced as soon as possible. Compared to adults, teens and children tend to get their mouthguards replaced regularly since their face shape is still developing and changing.

Making the most out of your mouthguard is possible when you take care of it. You need to keep your dental appliance clean and dry between each use. You must also rinse it before and after use with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also use cool, soapy water to clean your mouthguard. Lastly, store it in a safe container with vents to avoid bacteria growth.

Whenever you visit your dentist or orthodontist, always bring your mouthguard for inspection. Most dentists will offer to clean your mouthguard for you too.


Mouthguards are important dental appliances that can help protect your mouth from damage and injuries. There are various types available for you to choose from, with each one offering different benefits. If you are considering getting a mouthguard, schedule an appointment with a reliable and affordable dentist in Brisbane.

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