Things to Consider before Getting Veneers for Your Teeth

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Having healthy teeth is essential for us to present ourselves appropriately, which will depend on whether or not we are cavity-free. We may pride ourselves on brushing our teeth daily, but such actions should be motivated by our desire to protect our dental condition at all costs.

There are many precautionary measures that you may take to keep your teeth healthy and well-protected, but sometimes having good looking teeth may seem out of reach. Not all of us are born with perfect teeth and there could be a number of factors that include genetics, injury, lack of dental health that may make us embarrassed about our teeth.  One method that will indeed have an immediate effect on the look of your teeth and give you instant confidence are veneers. 

Veneers are becoming more popular as a solution as it offers many benefits to people hoping to make a first good impression with their teeth. Here are some things to consider before investing in them:

1) Find an Experienced Dentist

Finding the bright dentist to apply the veneer is just a matter of determining their experience on the job. While all dentists are indeed trained to do all the necessary procedures that their patients may need, the truth is that you wouldn’t want to be working with a first-timer, especially if your dental health is on the line. 

Feel free to ask around and find one that has proven time and time again that they get the job done without any complaint from their past clients. Veneers, in particular, are pretty tricky to handle, which is why getting an expert is a must for you.

2) Consider Whitening Your Surrounding Teeth

Even if only one of your teeth were affected by cavities or discolouration, you would still need to care for the ones surrounding it. Veneers are very much resistant to stain, much so that you will never have to worry about whitening them. 

The disadvantage to this is that they may not match the colour of the tooth around them since there may be lapses in your tooth care routine. With that in mind, be sure to brush and floss daily so that you will avoid any form of cavities, making your teeth colour consistent throughout.

3) Take Note of the Proper Veneer Maintenance Methods

Just because they are stain-resistant doesn’t mean that you can just be careless about them. You need to maintain your veneers so that they will last long. The average lifespan of veneers is 15 to 20 years, but you must care for them without taking any shortcuts. 

Brushing your teeth twice every day, flossing them after every meal, and visiting your dentist every six months will keep it white and spotless.


These considerations to consider to maintain your dental health and beautiful smile, especially if you are planning to have veneers installed. Gone are the days of having too many sweets or forgetting to brush for a day. 

Finding the right dentist, whitening its surrounding teeth, and maintaining your veneers will help you make a great first impression every time with your never-ending smile of pearly whites.

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